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Mobile Shredding:
Shred on Site comes to your door and guarantees total security of your documents and financial statements from audits by shredding all your confidential paper and media on the spot.

A fully EN 15713:2009 compliant and accredited service. More ...

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Shred on Site
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Security Risks

What We Provide - Secure Confidential Paper Bins

Secure Shredding Containers

At Shred on Site we have a huge range of secure receptacles to manage your documents through the process from collection to destruction and maintain the end to end chain of security. If you are unsure of your exact requirements then please give us a call and one of our team will be happy to advise you on the most cost effective solution for your business.

Lockable Veveered Consoles

We provide our customers with secure wooden consoles for them to deposit their confidential materials into.

If space is a problem in your office don’t worry as the console foot-space is not completely lost. They are designed especially to take deposits and be accessed from the front so this leaves useable work surface on top.

These consoles are available in different colours and veneers to suit your existing furniture

Veneered Cabinets

90cm (H) - 50cm (W) - 50cm (D)
Capacity - In excess of 45kgs

Branded Information Stickers

We can provide bespoke information labels for all of your receptacles which can incorporate company branding and facilities contact numbers.

Branded Sticker for wheelie bins

Secure Wheelie Bins

Secure wheelie bins are provided in a range of sizes to suit the needs of each individual.

Secure Wheelie Recycling Bins 140 Ltrs
140 Litres
95cm (H) - 40cm (D) - 40cm (W)
Capacity - In excess of 95kgs
Secure Wheelie Recycling Bins 240 Ltrs
240 Litres
100cm (H) - 65cm (D) - 45cm (W)
Capacity - In excess of 125kgs
Secure Wheelie Recycling Bins 360 Ltrs
360 Litres
110cm (H) - 80cm (D) - 60cm (W)
Capacity - In excess of 165kgs
Secure Wheelie Recycling Bins - 660 or 1100 Ltrs
660 or 1100 Litres Secure Bins
660 Lt Capacity - In excess of 500kg’s
1100 Lt Capacity - In excess of 800kg’s

Secure Shredding Sacks

Our robust Shred on Site sacks are the ideal solution for small, regular collections where a lockable container is not required, or for a one off bulk confidential waste disposal.

Waste Paper Sacks
Polypropylene sacks with security tie
Capacity - Up to 25kgs

Scanner Barcoding

All of our confidential waste paper receptacles are barcoded to make our system more secure, efficient and provide customers with valuable management information.

With barcoding, consoles are catalogued and with this technology location issues are minimal. Barcoding data is in the control of our Client's nominated staff member.

Barcoding Bins

Shred On Site Confidential Paper Bins

Are you concerned with having to destroy confidential documents, and the volume is too great to shred for yourself, we have a solution to suit you?

We are fully compliant with the European Information Destruction Standards – BS EN15713: 2009 and our personnel are fully uniformed, wear ID, have 10 year background checks and are vetted to BS 7858 standard.

Paper Shredders | Secure Lockable Containers

Confidential Paper Destruction
Confidential Paper Destruction

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